Core Values


What I love to do is make people happy. Help discover and create opportunities for them. Allow them peace of mind. I do that for my team. My team and I do that for our clients.

Having the right people is fundamental to the success of any business organization. Our core values define who we are and how we act. The people we choose for teammates must embrace our core values every day. We hire to these values. We manage and coach to these values. We offer team members opportunities based upon alignment with these values.

The result is that everyone on our team is aligned to provide an outstanding experience for you. When everyone is The Right Person great things happen!

At John Bethell TITLE COMPANY, INC. we have an Unwavering Commitment to:

  • Helping Others!
    • We care about our customers & co-workers
    • We offer solutions
    • We are a TEAM!
  • Integrity Without Compromise!
    • We are professional
    • We are honest and ethical
    • We are composed and poised as the face of JBT
  • Getting Better, Better & Better!
    • We are willing to grow professionally & personally
    • We seek to lead
    • We are the Best and getting Better!
  • Being Respectful & Kind to All!
    • We value everyone’s skills, knowledge and ability to contribute
    • We develop relationships
    • We treat people the way we want to be treated
  • A Positive Attitude!
    • We enjoy our work and co-workers
    • We Know a Challenge is an Opportunity to Shine
    • We SMILEĀ