Our Referral Promise


To Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals:

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your client. We promise that our team will create a closing experience for you and your client that is outstanding. Your opportunity to gain a referral will be enhanced by the closing experience at John Bethell Title. If you don’t agree, let us know and we will do whatever we can to make things right.

To Sellers and Buyer/Borrowers:

We appreciate the opportunity to help you through an important event in your life. We promise that our team will create an outstanding closing experience for you. You will feel confident recommending us to family and friends. If you don’t agree, let us know and we will do whatever we can to make things right.

How do we make such a promise confidently? Our unique processes, that’s how!

The Transaction Roadmap and Itinerary

The transaction Roadmap is an easy to understand title insurance commitment specifying al necessary requirements to complete the transaction. The Transaction Roadmap, (commitment) is sent to all Realtors, the mortgage lender, and any attorneys (if involved) in advance of closing. This allows the necessary time for unusual situations to be carefully considered and resolved.

Our custom title and closing software creates The Transaction Itinerary for our team based upon your closing date. The Transaction Itinerary tells us when critical steps such as contacting lenders, ordering payoffs and preparing statements for your review must be completed. You are free to focus on your clients and on other deadlines and due dates.

The Closing Team Advantage

Your transaction will be assigned to a closing team, not just a single closer. Since our Closing Officers are often in closings, the team’s transaction coordinator is available to answer your questions throughout the day. When the situation is complex, team leaders, title officers, and even John Bethell may join your team. With The Closing Team Advantage, Communication is quicker and more accurate so you can focus your time on other priorities.

The Anxiety Free Closing

By communicating early and often, solving problems before the closing, and anticipating situations, we seek to make everyone comfortable and confident during the transaction. The Anxiety Free Closing begins with a warm welcome and a comfortable room. We complete the closing ain an efficient yet unhurried manner. Your clients are able to tie up loose ends in a happy confident environment. Afterward, all can enjoy a chocolate (or another!) and get on with their own itinerary for moving in or moving out. The last impression is one of satisfaction and confidence, important feelings when being asked for a referral.

The Feedback Loop

We look forward to being coached at any point in the transaction about how we might do a better job. John Bethell personally follows up with Realtors and lenders every week about recently closed transactions to ensure that you experienced our best and to learn how we can be even better. We offer a short customer survey to facilitate feedback from the principals in the transaction. Working together, we improve the closing experience and enhance the likelihood of a referral.