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May 2016 Mortgage Report


Pre-employment Background Screening

More help for our clients

I am pleased to announce the formation of JB Screening Partners, Inc. which provides pre-employment background screening services to businesses and non-profit organizations. We all do a pretty good job of finding and selecting good talent for our organizations. In today?s litigious and regulatory environment however we must exercise a measure of due diligence to ensure that the team members, independent contractors and volunteers whom we recruit are accurately representing themselves. When those team members will have access to private personal information of our clients, their personal assets held by us in a fiduciary capacity or are routinely in unsupervised situations with them, we must be even more thorough in our examination. That?s where JB Screening Partners, Inc. can help increase your confidence in your hiring decision.

JB Screening Partners, Inc. offers all levels of local, state and national criminal background information, employment and education verifications. The quality, depth and timeliness of background checks vary widely. There?s no standard product or method of maintaining and searching criminal indexes and data bases. To know exactly what is appropriate for an organization requires analysis of the organization?s risk profile. JB Screening Partners, Inc. is able to coach its clients through an assessment and then make recommendations based upon factors unique to that client.

If you?d like more information about how we might help your organization please let us know.
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~ John Bethell

March 2016 Mortgage Market Share Report

First quarter takeaways?…
Interest rates are low, but few refinances. (See mortgage charts pages 7, 9 & 10) Compare 2016 to refi years 2009, 2012 & 2013.

However, the purchase market is hot. (See deed recording chart page 13) The first quarter is up considerably from two years ago. Could it be that we?re now in a ?normal? market? I think so! Hopefully the small inventory of used homes on the market doesn?t slow things down.

Here?s a little chuckle for your moments of reflection about where we?ve all been the last six months.

Have a great spring!


January 2016 Mortgage Market Share Report

I am pleased to introduce a new team member and also tell you about changes to the roles of three other team members.
Rebecca Spencer joined our closing team as a Real Estate Closer at the end of January. Rebecca brings? twelve years of experience as a closer and funder with Caliber Home Loans and their predecessor companies. Individuals who were successful in high volume mortgage lending environments typically are
great candidates for our closing team. Rebecca is already demonstrating that this is still an accurate measure of likely success. A bonus that we?re enjoying is that Rebecca went through the TRID transition on the lender side. She gives us a valuable insight into how our lender client?s closers and processors
might be thinking about TRID.

If you?ve been in our office since last spring you?ll have been expertly greeted by Amy Thomas. Amy is starting a new role as a Closing Processor. In this role Amy will be preparing files prior to closing, working with Realtors and Lenders to complete Closing Disclosures and Closing Statements. When we hired Amy last year we liked her prior experience in the health services field. We felt that experience would allow her to be extremely effective in a front desk role that frequently is fast paced and characterized by changing priorities and timeframes. Amy proved us correct in that assumption. Those same traits that contributed to her success in that role, we?re certain will help her be effective in her new roll.

As a result of the need to manage unpredictable TRID induced time?frames, we reorganized our preclosing process so that some tasks will now be completed much earlier that we were previously required to do. April Saft and Willow Spencer are assuming the roles of Pre?Closing Coordinator.? April and Willow will be responsible for helping to clear title requirements and obtaining all the information necessary to allow the closing processors to complete a file. Organizing ourselves in this manner will allow us meet the various TRID time frames imposed upon us by the new regulations, regardless of how far ahead of closing a lender is working.
I?ve included an updated team member directory with contact information at the end of this month?s
~ John Bethell