November 2017 Mortgage Market Report

December 27, 2017

I?m excited to announce that next spring John Bethell Title will be relocating to 2626 South Walnut Street. (That?s behind Chase Bank where Cellular One and the AT&T Store used to be.) You may recently have noticed that our current downtown location is going to be redeveloped. We?ve known this for a while and I spent much of this year locating and securing a new location for the JBT World Headquarters. J

While much work needs to be done, the location offers us plenty of space for more closing rooms, ample parking and pizza next door! How cool is that?!?!

Look for occasional updates throughout the winter and early spring.

Nearly 5000 people allowed us to help them buy, sell or refinance their homes in 2017. We couldn?t be more grateful for the opportunity to participate in their important moment. Thank you to all for helping make 2017 such a rewarding year for us. We expect 2018 to be just as awesome!

Happy Holidays!

~ John Bethell